Deana Rhodeside, Ph.D.

March 30, 2021

For the past four decades, Deana has been interested in the creation of plans that strengthen our cities and their communities, and encourage places of personal satisfaction and collective well-being. Through her experience in both community planning and urban design, she has directed many broad-based initiatives focused on creating “sense of place” in ways that reflect the culture, history, socio-economic … Read more »

Elliot Rhodeside, FASLA

March 30, 2021

Elliot had a dream over 30 years ago of establishing a noteworthy multi-disciplinary landscape architecture, planning and urban design practice. Through collaboration with his founding partners, Deana and Faye, he has realized his goal: the creation of a talented, respected firm with an outstanding staff doing creative and carefully considered work locally, nationally and internationally. Elliot is passionate about landscape … Read more »

Faye Harwell, FASLA

March 30, 2021

Faye co-founded RHI 36 years ago and has designed award-winning projects throughout the United States, Canada, and overseas.  Her work reflects innovative concepts in sustainability and demonstrates that new and historic landscapes are equally compatible with ecological design and the creation of vibrant, new places for people to enjoy. Faye’s expertise and passion for creating new landscapes and restoring historic … Read more »

Eden Marek

January 30, 2023

Eden Marek’s diverse professional and educational background has immersed her in many facets of the urban realm, from public policy and economic development strategies to land use analysis and comprehensive planning. She has worked in both the public and private sectors and provides expertise in community engagement, data visualization, renderings and graphics, policy analysis, and documentation. Eden holds a Master … Read more »

Rachel Schneider, PLA

February 10, 2023

A talented and accomplished landscape architect and project manager, Rachel Schneider brings an artistic and resourceful vision to her work in historic landscapes, green infrastructure, and urban parks and public spaces. Her portfolio spans the mid-Atlantic and ranges from prominent projects at the Hirshhorn Museum, the Freer Gallery of Art, and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts to citywide sustainable … Read more »

Rohan Singh

January 30, 2023

Inclusion, empathy, and design thinking are core tenants of Rohan work. He loves learning about individuals and their lived experiences as a way of designing with, for, and by communities with unique needs. Rohan believes in the power the built environment holds as a tool to achieve social equity. He is passionate about using design thinking practices to serve marginalized … Read more »

Matthew Traucht

January 30, 2023

Matthew Traucht’s extensive work with cultural landscapes has taken him around the world, from New Mexico, Minnesota, and the Washington metropolitan area to West Africa, Europe, and the South Pacific. He has collaborated with community members, tribal representatives, historians, educators, non-profits, and government agencies, including the National Park Service. A versatile and accomplished specialist, he provides expertise in the research, … Read more »

Bradley Benmoshé, CNU-A, CPTED, LEED Green Associate

January 30, 2023

Bradley Benmoshé is an award-winning urban designer and project manager with a diverse portfolio in community placemaking and revitalization. An advocate for meaningful community engagement and consensus-building, he works closely with stakeholders to define priorities, optimize resources, and design urban and suburban environments that are context-sensitive, equitable, and sustainable. His work includes master plans; design guidelines; streetscape standards; wayfinding plans; … Read more »

Daniella Rodas

January 27, 2023

Daniella Rodas supports RHI planning and design teams with skills in graphic arts, documentation and report preparation, research, and community engagement. She strategizes and contributes to the firm’s outreach via social media and the website, and helps manage the development of proposals and marketing materials. Dani holds a Bachelor of Arts in Design and Applied Arts from George Mason University. … Read more »

Vanessa Miller

December 13, 2023

Vanessa is a Landscape Designer who is passionate about sustainable design. In her work, she strives to be an advocate for the natural world. She believes landscape architecture has an important role in helping to slow the effects of climate change and she is eager to be a part of it. Her background in architecture helps Vanessa to understand and … Read more »

Jeff Dragan, PLA

January 27, 2023

Jeff Dragan’s career spans work across the country and around the world with a primary focus on projects in the New York metropolitan area. His passion for creating landscapes for all to enjoy has resulted in award-winning work for public and private open spaces. Jeff’s experience ranges from master planning, waterfront development, and historic sites to parks, playgrounds, plazas, and … Read more »

Yoshi Kubota, PLA, SITES AP, EcoDistricts AP

January 27, 2023

Yoshi Kubota is an inquisitive and inspired landscape architect who enjoys guiding projects from the grand vision to the finest details. He brings an appreciation for aesthetics, functionality, and craftsmanship to each of his projects, and values RHI’s collaborative environment and affinity for new ideas and innovations. Yoshi is drawn to an inclusive planning and design process that considers input … Read more »

Jake Fettig

January 27, 2023

For projects both close to home and overseas, Jake Fettig designs landscapes that reflect a sensitivity to culture, context, and long-term sustainability. He believes in landscape architecture as a vital ingredient in creating communities that are vibrant, equitable, and healthy. Jake advocates for the thoughtful integration of ecological measures within the urban realm, and in connecting people with the natural … Read more »

Jason Reibold

January 27, 2023

Jason brings a curious and thoughtful perspective to his work as a landscape designer and horticulturist. Prior to joining RHI, Jason worked on a variety of projects from large brownfield reuse sites to resilient waterfronts and new residential  backyards. His passion is in the construction and details of a project. Through research and exploring the unique context and history of … Read more »

Ting Huang, PLA

January 27, 2023

Ting Huang has diverse experience in landscape planning and design, from parks, streetscapes, and residential communities to institutional campuses and recreational properties. She is skilled in engaging community stakeholders through public meetings, design charrettes, and illustrative renderings; and excels in the development of project documentation and specifications. Ting’s work has ranged from tactical, short-term urban design initiatives to multiphase site … Read more »

Ron Sessoms, AICP

August 26, 2022

Ron Sessoms is an urban designer, planner, and project manager with expertise in transforming urban landscapes, from parks and streetscapes to downtown districts and dense urban corridors. From the development of the multi-award-winning Tar River Legacy Plan in North Carolina to Charlottesville, Virginia’s visionary comprehensive plan, Ron has contributed to the economic vitality, equity, sustainability, and connectivity of communities throughout … Read more »

Mary Zimmerman

March 30, 2021

Ms. Zimmerman has deep experience in research, historic preservation, ecological restoration, urban park planning, and design and construction. As a former park manager she was tasked with defining maintenance, listening to and educating the public; dealing with bureaucracy and government regulation; and accommodating changing use patterns and budgets. She recognizes how essential our green space is to the health of … Read more »

Sukirti Ghosh, LEED Green. Assoc.

March 30, 2021

In a career that spans continents, sectors, and diverse contexts and scales of design, Sukirti’s work is driven and united by his passion for urban life, “people places,” and research-informed design. Trained as an architect in his native India, Sukirti has since devoted his career to planning and urban design, as both a public sector planner and private sector consultant. … Read more »

Jenny Koch, AICP

March 30, 2021

Jenny is an urban planner driven by a love of unique and diverse places, people, and communities. Her work typically sits at the intersection of community development and resilience, public engagement and collaboration, active transportation and transit, and environmental and climate protection. Jenny is passionate about finding pragmatic yet innovative and thoughtful solutions to challenges being faced by clients and … Read more »

Rebecca May, PLA

March 30, 2021

Rebecca came to RHl after earning a master’s degree in landscape architecture at Virginia Tech’s Washington-Alexandria Architecture Center. Her interdisciplinary background—which includes language studies, international development, and sociology—has helped to shape her holistic approach to design. She is particularly interested in the potential of design in urban settings, where people live in close proximity to one another and open space … Read more »

Eric Feldman, AICP

March 30, 2021

An urban planner with over 20 years of experience, Eric is a big-picture thinker who transitions seamlessly from broader policy considerations to intricate design details. He values the process of collaborating with, and learning from, other professional disciplines and diverse stakeholders to create equitable and inspiring places.   Eric’s work at RHI ranges from land use planning and urban design guidelines … Read more »

Jules Krinsky, PLA

March 30, 2021

Jules  is a creative problem solver, landscape architect and urban designer. Prior to joining RHI, Jules collaborated with private developers and public agencies to create residential and mixed-use neighborhoods.  His passion for urban form lead him to pursue a Masters in Urban Design at Georgia Tech. While studying at Georgia Tech, he traveled throughout Europe, researching historic and contemporary urban … Read more »

Kevin Fisher, PLA

March 30, 2021

With more than 30 years of design and management, Kevin is a design expert who leads multi-disciplinary teams from creative vision through final constructed reality. As a principal with RHI, Kevin’s work spans the globe, with successfully built projects from Monterrey, Mexico, to Islamabad, Pakistan, as well a diverse mix of work in the Mid-Atlantic region. His portfolio is noted … Read more »

Jennifer Glaser

March 30, 2021

As Accounting Manager, Jennifer Glaser provides the mentorship and coaching to bring creativity to profitability. With Jennifer’s persistence and diligence, she has become invaluable in keeping RHI well-organized and running smoothly. Specializing in small business management, she brings over 20 years of experience with accounting, human resources, and management. Jennifer’s management talent is indispensable, and her friendly humor and skills … Read more »

Derrick Wolbaum

March 30, 2021

A sense of spaciousness and simplicity, drawn from the North Dakota landscape of Derrick’s childhood, is a source for his unique approach to design. He returns to this sense as he moves through a process of freehand drawing and thinking to produce expressive graphics, detailed construction documents and fresh contemporary places.  Derrick’s unique skill is working within a team to … Read more »

Christopher Nelson

March 30, 2021

As a landscape designer with RHI, Christopher brings with him a fresh perspective as a graduate of the University of Florida College of Design Construction and Planning. Drawing on his passion for the spoken word, through his studies, Christopher researched and surveyed over 80 U.S. university campuses focused on landscape master planning and the First Amendment and landscape adaptations for … Read more »

Drew Taylor, PLA, ASLA

March 30, 2021

Drew serves as a landscape designer and project manager with RHI and is a registered landscape architect with 20 years of experience.   He has managed a wide range of projects and collaborated with a variety of multi-disciplinary design teams.  Drew works closely with clients and stakeholders including private developers and government agencies.  With the recent projects in his portfolio, Drew … Read more »

Megan Mansell

March 24, 2021

Megan Mansell leads RHI’s marketing and business development initiatives. Since joining RHI in 2006, Megan has put her diverse skill set to work by leading the marketing and business development effort and contributing in the development of project presentations, outreach materials, and reports. An energetic multi-tasker, she is also responsible for brand management, social media, digital marketing, and the development … Read more »

Carlos Perdomo

March 24, 2021

Carlos joined the RHI team in 2017. He is an energetic, driven, and determined individual with a can-do attitude. Carlos has built his experience with multiple accounting firms, as well as through prior experience in government billing. His responsibilities at RHI are focused on Billing, while also supporting Accounts Payables and Receivables. Hiked the Grand Canyon.