Derrick Wolbaum

Principal - Landscape Designer

A sense of spaciousness and simplicity, drawn from the North Dakota landscape of Derrick’s childhood, is a source for his unique approach to design. He returns to this sense as he moves through a process of freehand drawing and thinking to produce expressive graphics, detailed construction documents and fresh contemporary places.  Derrick’s unique skill is working within a team to focus on the most direct design statement and keep the initial design spontaneity alive. One example of this ability is the Tysons Corner Tower landscape. The Tyson’s project engaged a very large and diverse team of client groups, architects and engineers. Serving as project designer and project manager, Derrick created a sense of variety and continuity across this large elevated urban landscape while keeping true to the original design spirit conveyed through his drawings.

Drawn to the visual arts and the land, Derrick enjoys painting, gardening, and collecting rocks, fossils, and stone artifacts.


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