Rachel Schneider, PLA

Senior Associate

A talented and accomplished landscape architect and project manager, Rachel Schneider brings an artistic and resourceful vision to her work in historic landscapes, green infrastructure, and urban parks and public spaces. Her portfolio spans the mid-Atlantic and ranges from prominent projects at the Hirshhorn Museum, the Freer Gallery of Art, and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts to citywide sustainable measures to support the DC Clean Rivers Project.

Rachel’s appreciation for historic, social, and ecological context is reflected in her holistic approach to planning and design. She is passionate about equitable placemaking and revealing unexpected histories in the landscape. With versatile skills as a manager, designer, and artist, she is proficient in guiding multidisciplinary teams and community engagement efforts. Rachel holds a degree in Fine Arts, Sculpture, and Extended Media from Virginia Commonwealth University and a Master of Landscape Architecture from the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

Rachel’s interests reflect a love of landscape and the arts, including gardening, hiking, sketching, and sculpting.


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