Elliot Rhodeside, FASLA

Director - Landscape Architect

Elliot had a dream over 30 years ago of establishing a noteworthy multi-disciplinary landscape architecture, planning and urban design practice. Through collaboration with his founding partners, Deana and Faye, he has realized his goal: the creation of a talented, respected firm with an outstanding staff doing creative and carefully considered work locally, nationally and internationally. Elliot is passionate about landscape architecture. He grew up wanting to be an architect initially, then evolved that dream into fine arts and industrial design. After hearing a lecture by Ian McHarg when he was a sophomore at the University of the Arts, however, he was inspired to pursue a different career in “the arts” — a Masters in Landscape Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania. Following more than a decade of practice in Philadelphia, London, Boston and Washington, DC, he and his partners established RHI in 1986.  Following his life-long interest in the diverse challenges presented by different scales of work, Elliot currently leads design and planning projects ranging from gardens to regions. He is happiest when the projects are complex, the stakeholders are many and the assignments are full of challenges. He loves mentoring staff and maintaining a high creative bar from which each project is measured. He is proud of his and his firm’s work and the positive impacts it has had on the lives of many.

A passionate, proud designer who loves nothing more than sharing his dreams and ideas with the people he works for and with.


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