MARTA Station Areas

Sandy Springs, GA

The MARTA Red Line connects the City of Sandy Springs to the Atlanta metropolitan region at four MARTA stations within city boundaries. The North Springs Station currently serves as the end-of-the-line station, yet MARTA plans to extend the Red Line further to the north, with a future Northridge Station planned in northern Sandy Springs. Leveraging these changes as an opportunity to both rethink the character of the existing North Springs Station area and shape the vision for the Northridge station, the MARTA Station Area Plan was created to articulate the City’s vision for both station areas. The North Springs Station area is envisioned as a pedestrian- and bicycle-accessible station that is better connected to surrounding neighborhoods, while providing opportunities to live and work closer to the station. The future Northridge Station area is envisioned to fit within the existing neighborhood context, incorporating residential and office uses, green space, and strong pedestrian and bicycle connectivity.

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