Richmond Highway Urban Design Study

Fairfax County, VA

In response to rapid growth in the county and the Washington, DC region, Fairfax County is planning for a bus rapid transit (BRT) route along Richmond Highway corridor. To guide the transformation, the County tasked RHI with developing a land use and urban design vision for the corridor that will achieve transit-supportive land uses and densities while protecting the existing residential neighborhoods surrounding the corridor. The resulting plan reimagines the potential BRT route as a series of connected yet distinct mixed-use urban nodes, served by diversified transportation options and anchored by new residential and commercial development along Richmond Highway. At the same time, the BRT planning and an associated Comprehensive Plan amendment presented an opportunity to think more broadly by celebrating and revealing, the area’s ecological resources and historic legacy. Daylighted streams and accessible ecological corridors tie together the area’s natural systems, while the urban design vision highlights and integrates the corridor’s rich cultural heritage, the historical alignment of Richmond Highway, and the history of aviation in the area.

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