Ron Sessoms, AICP

Associate Principal - Urban Designer

Ron Sessoms is an urban designer, planner, and project manager with expertise in transforming urban landscapes, from parks and streetscapes to downtown districts and dense urban corridors. From the development of the multi-award-winning Tar River Legacy Plan in North Carolina to Charlottesville, Virginia’s visionary comprehensive plan, Ron has contributed to the economic vitality, equity, sustainability, and connectivity of communities throughout the Eastern Seaboard.

With a degree in urban and regional planning from East Carolina University and an advanced degree in urban design from UNC-Charlotte, Ron’s multifaceted expertise ranges from historic neighborhood preservation to large-scale transportation planning. He is knowledgeable about low-impact development strategies, multimodal planning, context-sensitive programming, urban design guidelines, and waterfront redevelopment. Ron’s work consistently reflects an appreciation for local culture, heritage, and ecological context, and is carefully informed through meaningful community engagement.

While deeply committed to creating walkable and bikeable communities, Ron is also passionate about the inner workings of custom cars.


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