Rohan Singh

Urban Designer

Inclusion, empathy, and design thinking are core tenants of Rohan work. He loves learning about individuals and their lived experiences as a way of designing with, for, and by communities with unique needs. Rohan believes in the power the built environment holds as a tool to achieve social equity. He is passionate about using design thinking practices to serve marginalized communities by meeting people where they are and having their voices heard at the table.

Rohan holds a Bachelor of Science in Architecture with a concentration in Design Thinking from the University of Virginia. In addition, his minor in Social Entrepreneurship energized his love for ideating, iterating, and implementing multifaceted solutions to wicked problems in the world. Rohan’s work has ranged from multicultural program development to local government innovation to universal design in the workplace.

Rohan loves experiencing the world in new ways. From skateboarding around town to meeting new people at pickup basketball games, he loves being in the moment and enjoying what life throws at him.


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