Proudly Introducing Our New Principals

April 5, 2022

Quickly moving through the ranks, RHI’s five newly promoted Principals – Derrick Wolbaum, Sukirti Ghosh, Drew Taylor, Jennifer Koch, and Rebecca May – have grown together and helped push the firm to new heights. They exemplify mentorship, hard work, and professionalism in a way that reflects the firm’s core values and are poised to keep RHI at the forefront of landscape architecture, planning, and urban design.

Derrick Wolbaum

A talented and inventive landscape designer, Derrick Wolbaum is known for creating fresh, modern, and inviting spaces in the public realm—from the dense urban centers of Times Square and downtown Washington, DC, to serene campus settings, waterside parks, and memorials. His designs often evoke a compelling sense of spaciousness and simplicity, inspired by the North Dakota landscape of his childhood.

Sukirti Ghosh, LEED GREEN. ASSOC.

With a career that spans continents and diverse environments, Sukirti Ghosh is driven by his passion for “people places” and research-informed design. Trained as an architect in his native India, Sukirti has devoted his career to planning and urban design in both the public and private sector. He believes that successful planning begins with understanding and drawing inspiration from the people, history, and unique context of each place.

Drew Taylor, PLA, ASLA

Whether designing landscapes close to home or in diplomatic settings around the world, Drew Taylor brings extensive experience in all phases of project delivery, including construction documentation and administration. In addition to numerous American embassies, his portfolio includes academic, residential, commercial, and government properties. Milestone projects include landscape improvements at the Supreme Court of the United States and the Harry S. Truman Building in Washington, DC.

Jenny Koch, AICP

Jenny’s broad-ranging experience informs her work as a project manager and urban planner for RHI, where she has led many visionary, large-scale community engagement and planning initiatives. Her work embraces and resolves multi-dimensional community objectives, from sustainability and economic resilience to the promotion of equity. She brings a thoughtful, pragmatic, and inclusive approach to public engagement and addressing the unique concerns of diverse communities.

Rebecca May, ASLA, PLA

With extensive experience working in the urban realm, Becky May is drawn to the complex challenges inherent in transforming dense built environments. Her work, from streetscape design and green infrastructure concepts to multimodal transportation studies and corridor revitalization plans, underscores the significant impact that landscape architecture has in reinvigorating communities and enhancing quality of life.