Announcing our Expanded Leadership Team

May 12, 2023

It is with great pleasure that we announce the recent promotions of Eric Feldman, AICP, Megan Mansell, and Ronald Sessoms, AICP. These three individuals have demonstrated exceptional performance and dedication to their roles, and as a result, have been promoted to Associate Principals. We are confident that they will continue to excel in their new roles and contribute to the success of RHI.

Eric Feldman, AICP

An urban planner with over 20 years of experience, Eric is a big-picture thinker who transitions seamlessly from broader policy considerations to intricate design details. He values the process of collaborating with, and learning from, other professional disciplines and diverse stakeholders to create equitable and inspiring places.  

Eric’s work at RHI ranges from land use planning and urban design guidelines to neighborhood revitalization, transportation initiatives, and the design of public spaces. He is also a founding staff member of RHI’s nonprofit arm, Plan + Place, where he serves as Senior Program Manager. Both at RHI and through prior work, Eric has contributed to national initiatives to promote child-friendly cities, healthy communities, and smart growth. 

An AICP-certified planner, Eric holds a Master in City Planning and a Certificate in Urban Design from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Bachelor of Arts from Vassar College. 

Megan Mansell

Megan Mansell leads RHI’s marketing and business development initiatives. Since joining RHI in 2006, Megan has put her diverse skill set to work by leading the marketing and business development effort and contributing in the development of project presentations, outreach materials, and reports. An energetic multi-tasker, she is also responsible for brand management, social media, digital marketing, and the development of multimedia proposal materials.

Megan’s passion for design began at a young age, and she has honed her graphic design and production skills through a combination of formal education and practical experience. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from University of Maryland at College Park, where she focused in studio art and graphic design.

With a proven track record of success, deep knowledge of RHI’s history and culture, detailed eye, and calm, collaborative spirit, Megan continues to make a meaningful impact at RHI and is poised for even greater achievements in the future.

Ronald Sessoms, AICP

Ron is a skilled urban designer with a passion for improving the quality of life for people through the creation of community-inspired places that serve to transform sites, neighborhoods, corridors, and entire communities. He has established himself as a true visionary through his work on numerous high-profile projects at RHI such as the Tar River Legacy Plan in Greenville, NC and the West Main Street Streetscape Master Plan in Charlottesville, VA. Additionally, Ron has played a key role in promoting equity, sustainability, and placemaking in projects throughout the Eastern Seaboard. Over Ron’s time with RHI, his projects have received seven professional awards from allied professional organizations, including the Waterfront Center, Environmental Design Research Association, and regional chapters of the American Society of Landscape Architects. Ron is a native of eastern North Carolina and has a degree in Urban and Regional Planning from East Carolina University and an advanced degree in Urban Design from UNC-Charlotte. With a passion for mentoring the next generation of design professionals, Ron is a lecturer at the University of Maryland at College Park, teaching the Professional Practice in Landscape Architecture course. He has also engaged in professional conferences, including the statewide American Planning Association- Virginia Chapter conference in 2022 and national conferences for the American Society of Landscape Architects (2017) and the American Planning Association (2023).