750 N Glebe Top Out Party

November 7, 2018

Yesterday we were delighted to join the Contractors, Design Team and Owner at 750 N Glebe to celebrate “topping out” the building structure. It was a pleasure to see familiar faces, and to see the progress of this building taking shape. Thanks to all for your hospitality! Below are a few photos of the structure and our Rhodeside & Harwell team in the central, rooftop courtyard.

Design Architect – David M. Schwarz Architects

Architect of Record – WDG

NEWS-1-Glebe Top Out-DMSAS
East View – 2nd Floor Courtyard below
NEWS-2-Glebe Top Out-DMSAS
View South – Horizon and Context
NEWS-3-Glebe Top Out
View Southeast – Inside 2nd Floor Courtyard
NEWS-4-Glebe Top Out
Left to Right – Rhodeside & Harwell team: Jonathan Runge, Rachel Schneider, Elliot Rhodeside
NEWS-5-Glebe Top Out
Design Rendering – View North – Inside 2nd Floor Courtyard; Design Architect – David M. Schwarz Architects; Architect of Record – WDG