Chandler Carruthers

Landscape Designer

Chandler is a skilled landscape designer and planner who specializes in the creation and revitalization of urban & rural landscapes, such as parks, streetscapes, neighborhoods, urban centers, and embassies. His portfolio includes the U.S. Embassies of Juba and Priya, as well as his bachelor’s thesis which included the design of a mixed-use Space X community in Brownsville, TX. He also has won several awards, such as for his point cloud and indoor geography research, as well as coming in first during the Richard Gibbons design charrette, which involved the leadership of a team of Virginia Tech students to design a sports park in Danville, VA.

With a degree in Landscape Architecture from Virginia Tech, Chandler’s expertise covers a wide range of areas, from neighborhood and campus planning to site scale design and watershed management, He is well versed in sustainable/low impact development strategies, multi model transportation planning, site-specific programming, environmental revitalization, and public space design. Chandler’s work reflects a deep understanding of local culture, ecological content, and community engagement.

Chandler enjoys watching old samurai movies and received his boating license at age 10.


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